YouTube Shopping | Google plans to make YouTube a major shopping destination

Youtube Shopping

Google, the world’s largest tech giant, has taken the initiative to integrate e-commerce to make YouTube more dynamic and advanced. Whose initial name is YouTube Shopping. YouTube was launched in 2005, followed by Google in 2006 for 1.75 billion. Google has been constantly updating YouTube since its acquisition. YouTube is a video sharing platform that qualifies people very quickly, so its current global rank is two.

YouTube once reigned supreme, then many video sharing companies, including Facebook, sprang up. In the meantime, short video sharing sites have emerged, such as Tik Tok, Likee, and many other organizations. Then, YouTube brought the update, introduced the short video sharing option, named “Short Stories”.

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YouTube Shopping | Google plans to make YouTube a major shopping destination

Online shopping sites have become very popular during the Corona era. After understanding the Facebook company, they started a Facebook shop. In the midst of this economic downturn, Facebook was at the top of the US stock market. But in the meantime, YouTube is making money.

On the other hand, the online shopping marketplace Amazon has increased their sales many times more than before. So YouTube wants to capture this huge market.

So, Google’s CEO, e-commerce giant company signed a deal with Shopify. How to include e-commerce on YouTube. This news is known from different print media. Bloomberg, however, wanted to know from the company, the details but they did not say, they said, if the work is complete will be informed in a press briefing.

Google has launched this service experimentally on some YouTube channels in America. If successful here, it will be open to everyone. And if this service is launched, your YouTube revenue will be doubled.

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How to double the earnings?

When this service is launched, a YouTuber will be able to earn from YouTube shopping, firstly from Google AdSense and secondly. If any product is sold from your YouTube channel, you will get an affiliate commission. And if you have your own product, you have to pay a commission to Google.

According to many market analysts, Google is working with Shopify Inc. on this issue. Selling products by converting YouTube’s gracious videos into a huge catalog. The company said it could list 10 to 12 more items for sale on digital carousels below their videos.

A spokesman for YouTube confirmed that companies were testing these features with a limited number of video channels. The spokesman said manufacturers would have control over the products displayed. The agency described it as a test and declined to comment in more detail at the moment.

These moves include the possibility of transforming YouTube from an advertising giant into a new competitor, such as e-commerce companies such as Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

“YouTube is one of the least used resources,” said Andy Elwood, president of e-commerce startup company Basket. “If they decide they want to invest in it, it’s a huge opportunity for them.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the e-commerce retail market, excluding China, could grow to ৮ 2.7 trillion by 2025. “Facebook is ahead in this game,” said Jitendra Oral, a Bloomberg intelligence analyst.

However, in this epidemic, the advertising and marketing budgets, in particular, are seen to be that Google’s largest advertiser is the retailer. Meanwhile, e-commerce is expanding as people order products online from home. It sees Google as a competitor to Facebook Inc. and Instagram apps. Goliath, a U.S. e-commerce analyst, says Amazon’s sales and revenue have grown even more. Meanwhile, Google saw its second-quarter revenue decline for the first time.

A recent RBC Capital survey of marketers came up with “social trade”. Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg said in an update for retailers in May that after the Facebook Shop feature was unveiled, the company’s share price continued to rise. So, Google doesn’t want to miss this.

Al-Khaleej Today, the editorial board of Saudi 24 News, claims that all the first news on this subject has been published and it has been corrected.

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Last word

Google, the decision to integrate e-commerce with YouTube, could quickly turn YouTube into an influential e-commerce channel. YouTube followers, more than one million subscribers have joined YouTube compared to last year. It has already grown by more than 75 percent, and YouTube users watch more than a billion hours of video a day and generate billions of views.

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