What is the strangest picture you have ever seen drawn by a child?

When the class was off, I found out that our five-year-old Shad been picked up from kindergarten by the school principal, who had asked me to visit her office. I met the principal, and without saying a word, he held a piece of paper in my hand and said, “Take this picture, your daughter drew it in today’s drawing class!” I could see in his face that he was quite upset and embarrassed about the matter and at the same time there was sympathy for me in his face.

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What is the strangest picture you have ever seen drawn by a child?

In the evening, the girl’s mother and I took a closer look at the girl’s picture and tried to understand what she really wanted to draw. The girl was sitting on her mother’s lap and we were asking her various questions in different ways. Some parts of that discussion are as follows:

Me: (I put the picture of the girl on the table and asked her) Mommy, Mom used to tell me a little bit about the picture you drew in the drawing class at school today.

 My daughter: Oh, it! This is my favorite! Do you like it too?

Me: Yes Mommy, I like it too. Can you tell me about it?

My daughter: Dad, I drew it today in our school drawing class.

Me: The picture is fine, beautiful. But tell your father, mother, what have you tried to draw here?

 My daughter: We all drew one of our favorite things, Dad.

This time the eyes of the daughter and mother went up to the forehead. I tried to hide it, thinking that I was trying to understand the picture deeply.

Me: That’s right Mommy, she used to tell me, tell your father which of your favorite things you have drawn here.

My daughter: Dad! Are you stupid! You can’t see it here, I drew a picture of a Muffin Cake on a table.

Hearing the answer of the daughter, the mother of the daughter is laughing and eating on the floor.

Me: Yes, that’s right, mother. Wow, that’s pretty cool.

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