What is Isolation – Lockdown


Those who come from outside the country or have come in contact with potential patients or are sure to mix with people with coronas, will keep themselves separate in their own homes. They will not touch anyone. They will monitor their own health. Measure the fever. See if there is pain in the neck.

Those who are experiencing fever, sore throat, suffering from shortness of breath, will also be in isolation. That means stay isolated. They do not need coronavirus testing. Unless you are over 60 years old or your immune system is weak, the test will not take place. Talk to your doctor on the phone.

If you are alone, monitor yourself for seven days. If you are with your family, you must be separated for 14 days. Understand the situation after 14 days or you can not move.

Let’s say you are suffering from a flu symptom in your home. That’s why your family went into isolation or isolation. On the sixth day your cold started. You need to be separated for seven more days. In the meantime, if the family started to suffer on the 5th day, she would have to remain in isolation for 20 days

Lock down

t is not a system of health authority. It is an administrative or legal or government system. That means the airline is closed, the borders are closed, the movement is off. Road closures may be closed. It is not the decision of the authorities, the self-motivated decision of the citizen. Whatever the authorities say, you have to listen.

Now everyone needs to maintain social distance or social distance. Repeat washing the soap and water with the soap and water for 20 seconds in a World Health Organization-guided procedure. Do not give hands to eyes, nose and mouth.

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