Who called? Google will tell by Verified Calls App

Verified Calls
Verified Calls App

The mobile phone is an age-appropriate technology in human history. From the beginning of the day to before going to sleep, the mobile phone is an essential part or part. Mobile messenger is one of the means of communication, it has now become a basic human need. But with this mobile, you have to wear a lot of time.

Many terrorists show fear of phones in different ways. Also, fraudsters deceive simple people with their mobile phones. It takes a huge amount of money and resources. By calling from all these cycles, Google will inform you of “verified calls” who have called you. You can know his information in advance.

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Who called? Google will tell by Verified Calls App

Google launches a new feature for Android users Which will rival the most popular Truecaller app of the time.

This is because the cycle of terrorists and fraudsters has spread so much that it has made a hostile impact on human life. Recently, Google has introduced a new app called “Verified Calls”. This feature will let you know who called. Who’s on the phone?

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What exactly will this feature do?

According to Google Support, users can find out who is calling before receiving a phone through ‘Verified Calls‘. What is the reason for the phone? As a result, Google believes that it will be possible to prevent all criminal activities that are formed with the help of fake phones all over the world. However, to get this special benefit, you need to download and install the Google Verified Calls app on Google Pixel and Android phones from the Google Play Store. Currently, it has a beta version.

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A new update to the app will be coming soon, which will include the “Verified Calls” feature. The app has been launched experimentally in India only, with people from around the world, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, England, and the United States. Enjoy the benefits of this feature.

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