10 Best Twitter Follow and Unfollow Tools of 2021

We more or less all use social media. One of the social media platforms is Twitter, which was founded in 2006 in California. The Middle East’s popularity is high, including Europe. Twitter is a micro-blogging and social network service. Posting through this service is called tweeting and sharing is called retweeting.

Many people use Twitter for business purposes so many times followers are needed so we follow a lot more which needs to be unfollowed later because many people do not follow back. It is not good to work manually, many people want to work automatically. Today we will see how auto unfollows can also be unfollowed, let’s see-through tools and software.

10 Best Twitter Follow and Unfollow Tools of 2021

Its one of the most effective and powerful promotional marketing tools for blogging, but only when used in the right way.

We will discuss Twitter follow and unfollow tools here.

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10 Best Twitter Follow and Unfollow Tools of 2021

1. ManageFlitter
2. Crowdfireapp
3. Tweepi
4. UnfollowSpy
5. Unfollowers.com
6. Follower Filter
7. iUnfollow
8. Twitter Karma
9. UnfollowerStats
10. SocialBro

Let’s me provide you with more detailed insight about each follow and unfollow tools.

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ManageFlitter tool is a web-based application that supports Twitter user’s benefit insight into their Twitter account. It provides a set of tools that allows Twitter users to successfully curate, follow, or unfollow and increase their Twitter profile and page. It’s first launched in February 2010. You can only manage one account with a free method.ManageFlitter tool has many other cool filters and visual effects that you would love. It’s to have schedule post facility

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Its the most powerful Social Media Management tool, Businesses, Brand, Agencies & individuals all around the world.

If you can remove Twitter accounts that are not following back your page and keep your Twitter account clean, rearrange, and managed properly. You can try to use these unfollow tools.

This tool is available now android and ios operating system. There are two types of Crowdfire tools once paid method and others free methods. If you want to use free methods then you can 25 followers in a day. More amazing features and 20M+ Users.


Tweepi is the most famous tool in the world for growing your Twitter Accounts, Brand with the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). More then 17+Milion peoples trust the Tweepi tool to engage users, get Twitter followers, and increase their brands. This tool has used advanced technology.

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Twitter friends and followers, providing ways of selection and filtering them. Twitter Karma is very popular for free Follow and Unfollow tools. Its mainly used for followers back. It also helps you to unfollow users who are not following you. Twitter Karma is that there is no time-consuming process to follow and unfollow followers. You can do it within seconds.


Unfollowspy is one of the best follow and Unfollow Tools. You can easily unfollow people who have followed you but have not followed you back. Its interface is very easy and to have scheduled posting facilities.

100% Totally FREE social media management tool for Twitter and Soundcloud. No need for a software complete web-based solution.


Unfollower Stats is a relatively easy Unfollow Tools for Twitter. The right way to manage your Twitter profile pages and Start your free membership within seconds.


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