Top 10 Best Highest Paying URL Shortener To Earn Money in 2020

We have recorded beneath some of the best URL shortener locales. … that strives to cause you to acquire sound cash stands in the list of top URL shorteners of 2020.

Not be known to many, URL shortening is one of the best, least complexes, and dependable approaches to profit as a distributor/site proprietor.

What is a Url Link Shortener?

Essentially, interface shortener systems empower the distributers to gain cash when an individual taps the abbreviated connection. Such an abbreviated connection opens a promoting window first and when the client taps the skip advertisement button, he arrives on the correct page. The idea of connection shortener systems is exceptionally basic.

This equitable adds one additional publicizing layer to the client’s adventure to the page he is hoping to open. Likewise, it ought to be noticed that to profit from this strategy, the site isn’t compulsory. On the off chance that in the event that the individual needs to utilize the site to profit, it tends to be a snappy path forward. You can put the abbreviate URL interfaces on your online life handles, or anyplace you wish to. In the event that any of the guests click on the connections, some measure of cash will be consequently added to the URL shortener account.


Payments Procedure:

In the wake of understanding this, a considerable lot of you may get certain inquiries, for example, which URL shortener pays the most noteworthy? Or on the other hand which is the best URL shortener?

You can likewise get your advertisements battle locally available through such promotions. This advertisement opens in a full program window and has the base permeability of 5-10 seconds(depends on your offering). In any case, before that let us look at the installment alternatives accessible.

  1. Paypal
  2. PayTM
  3. Payoneer
  4. UPI
  5. Skrill
  6. Payeer, and many others

List of Sites

We have listed below some of the best URL shortener sites. let’s begin with the list. is a one of the most popular and old URL shortener Website. In the heart of Europe, a team of young web enthusiasts came along to form a product which will provide you with a much better thanks to earn cash on-line. We’ve created a link agent connected with the advertising network thus currently you get paid after you shorten a link and build somebody click thereon. straightforward thanks to earn more money.

It comes up with heaps of helpful tools and ways that to create long URLs short and earn Money Online. If you’re a blogger then you’ll be able to additionally use their WordPress plugin which is able to assist you to increase your earning.

Using you’ll be able to simply form up to $5-$15 for one thousand views/clicks. you’ll be able to withdraw your cash with a minimum payout of 5$ in PayPal and Webmoney, $20 for Payoneer . each month on the 10th date, the payment is distributed to the users. additionally enable to refer individuals to victimization your referral link. you’ll be able to earn two-hundredth of the individuals you referred. means that you’ll get two hundredth if your friend earns 100$. it’s one in every of the most effective address shorteners to create Brobdingnagian cash.


Payment Details

Payout Rates: $2 to $15

Payment minimum withdrawal is $5.  every month the 10th day.

Website launch date (Age) : 2013-04-18

Payment methods: PayPal, payoneer, Payer, Web Money

Referral Income : up to 20% LifeTime

Official Website could be a on of the good link Shortener since it’s one amongst the eldest and trusty uniform resource locator (URL) shortener Service. that has been service for several years. offers you to earn up to $75 for each a thousand Unique views in 24Hour and Narmally $20 dollar per a 1000 views. you’ll be able to simply track your earning through it’s dashboard wherever careful statistics area unit provided. ensures you safe advertising with its antivirus and malware servers running 24/7 checking for viruses. you’ll be able to earn through referral commissions up to 20% lifetime. For example, James mackintosh your friend makes 100$ then you’ll conjointly get 20$ in your account. Isn’t it interesting? in addition, you’ll be able to trust this web site blindly. as a result of its still users favorite and it invariably pays on time.

Payment Details

Payout Rates: $3 to $70

Payment minimum withdrawal is $5.  24-72 hours.

Website launch date (Age) : 2008 -05 -26

Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer 

Official Website is one of the best URL shorteners to earn money website, they offer a real URL shortener experience with fast support and an average CPM up to $12 per every 1000 views also you can profit through the referral system and get a commission of 10% of your referral. Multiple views from the same IP are also counted, No problem. 3 paid unique views per real or shared IP within 24 Hours. Fake, bot, pop-up, PTC, traffic from links/ads exchangers and redirect loops with our site or similar services (re-shorten links) to generate revenue are not allowed.

  1. If the publisher generates a lot of compromised/fake/bot/not allowed traffic we reserve the right to disable account monetization with zeroing balance and email notification.
  2. Don’t count as paid the following traffic types:
    1. Adblock visitors
    2. Any bots/botnets activity
    3. Any Proxy Server / VPN Software /Tor Browser Traffic and any attempts to hide a real IP
    4. Multiply clicks for increase revenue
    5. Not unique (within 24h) visits by one visitor

Payment Details

Payout Rates: $2 to $12

Payment minimum withdrawal is $5.  24-72 hours.

Website launch date (Age) : 2016 -10 -31

Payment methods: PayPal, PTC, Payer, Web Money

Official Website

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