The way Artificial Intelligence can destroy us – Stephen Hawking

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the process of implementing human intelligence and thinking power through artificial means.
Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, the science and engineering of giving computer programs the equivalent of human intelligence in a particular subject is Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Technology.

Where human intelligence and thinking power are expressed in machine language through computer programming.

The computer is brought into the mimics Cagnetic unit so that the computer can think like a human. Such as learning and problem-solving. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by a machine. In the field of computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that can perceive its environment and take certain steps that go far beyond its success in achieving certain goals. The term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine performs “cognitive” functions that are similar to other people’s minds, such as “receiving learning” and “problem-solving”.

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Artificial intelligence has now become an essential subject and the most modern technology.

Through which many difficult tasks can be easily performed in a comparatively short time. And there is a lot of work being done around the world on artificial intelligence and deep learning. As far as we can see in modern machine tools, everything has been created using this artificial intelligence technology.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages to using this technology. As much as artificial intelligence will spread. The world of data science and innovative products will move forward. Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Technology will be used in office management and machine management. As a result, people will become lazy and lose their jobs.

The way Artificial Intelligence can destroy us – Stephen Hawking

Recently, artificial intelligence is being added to almost every smartphone. It is being created as a virtual friend of man. The more you interact with this Artificial Intelligence, the more intelligent people will become. Along with the whole world, Google has also come up with artificial intelligence.

Google is working with so much data science and Ai technology that, if you suddenly get sick, Google will let you know, take this medicine for your disease.

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You will say I do not take this medicine. Google will say that you bought this medicine for this disease from Lazz Pharma last month. The prescription information says so. If you say I didn’t buy, Google will say you paid with your credit card.

Google stores all your information through data science and Ai algorithms technology. In this way, many organizations use AI i.e. artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence a blessing or a curse?

Luciano Floridi, a professor at the Oxford Internet Institute, says the difference between what is possible and what is believable must first be understood. It may be possible but not credible. There is a similar fear about the existence of AI. It’s a debate, so we shouldn’t waste our time on it. Also, Internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox agrees that there are a lot more pressure and concern on the question of AI. People already have low confidence in technology companies and the complexity of AI can make it even more damaging.

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Tabitha Goldstub, the co-founder of Consultancy Cognitive, said there have been many surprises in the field of artificial intelligence. But it is very difficult to differentiate Ai. Everyone has a different explanation for this and it has been changing regularly since the 1980s. He added that computers play a more powerful role than the development of human intelligence. Just as a child slowly learns to recognize the faces of different people, so does Ai. However, in this case, Ai has not yet mastered the logic.

Where 30 years ago I was thinking of a machine that could translate from one language to another. Now we get Google’s instant translator in applications like Google Translate.

Some of the world’s top scientists, from Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk, have expressed concern about artificial intelligence, saying it could one day pose a threat to the human species. But in fact, they are becoming so skilled at accomplishing the tasks assigned to them that they may destroy us by accidentally or unintentionally misusing them.

The book, Human Compatible: (Ai and The Problem Control), is written by  University of California’s Professor Stuart Rasel, who specializes in modern instrument technology. He says, “Hollywood movies show that artificial intelligence devices are becoming self-aware and are starting to hate people and want to kill everyone. But robots have no human feelings. So this is a completely unreasonable thing, there is no reason to worry about it.

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n another interview, he cites a fictitious example of a threat that he thinks could be created by artificial intelligence. Imagine that we have an ultra-powerful artificial intelligence system that can control the world’s climate and use it to regain our pre-industrial carbon dioxide levels. The system then decided that the easiest way to do this was to remove all humans from the earth because humans are the most advanced in terms of carbon dioxide emissions on Earth.

You might say, you can do whatever you want, not just harm people. Do you know what the device will do then? This will then affect our child taking less until people are gone from the earth. Stuart Rase thinks that disaster can happen if people don’t think very carefully and give instructions.

According to the Cambridge University Center for the Study of Extensional Resk in the United Kingdom, Ai methods are currently limited to applications that are designed to solve a specific problem.

In 1998, with the then world champion Gary Kasparov in Computer Drip Blue, He lost one of the six matches.

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Even after that, Deep Blue was specially designed by people just to play chess. But the artificial intelligence Alfago Zero software, which was later discovered, has reached the level of ‘Super Human’ in terms of efficiency after playing against itself (a board game) for three days.

The more powerful this system of artificial intelligence becomes, the more intelligent it will become. The Existential Risk Center thinks that this may in many cases exceed the capabilities of the people. And that’s why Professor Russell says humans should have control of robots.

We should change the very foundation of the reason we created Artificial Intelligence, ”he said, adding that the robot should move away from the idea of ​​fixing a specific purpose and learning from it.

“Rather, the system should be such that it does not know what it is actually working for.”

“When you operate the system in this way, it will actually lag behind people, they will start asking questions before doing anything because the device will no longer be sure what you want.” Professor Russell says, especially when systems are closed because they do not want to do something that you may dislike.

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A good example is Professor Russell; 2001: A Space Odyssey film features a rebellious computer. The way we’ve created artificial intelligence is a lot like the monster inside a lamp. You rub the lamp, then the monster comes out and you say, I want it done. ” Says, Professor Russell. And then if the artificial intelligence has enough capacity, it will do exactly what you tell it to do. You get what you want.

Now the problem with the lamp monster is that there remains the matter of the third will. If you say cancel the first two wishes and do the same as before because we can not fix our goal well.
So if an instrument starts working for a purpose that is not right, then it can become an enemy for human civilization. That enemy will be much stronger than us. The bottom line is that this system must be kept in check.

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