Sex Robots Taking the Place of Lovers – Human Civilization in Disaster – Robots in the Role of Sex Workers

Sex Robots
Sex Robots Taking the Place of Lovers

Another name for the catastrophe of human civilization is sex robots. Technology has made people’s work easier in many ways. Technology will not be left to meet any needs of the people. The most talked about topic at the moment is ‘Artificial Intelligence’. In a word, trying to create intelligent instruments. And the robot industry is at the forefront of this effort. This advancement in technology has also changed people’s sex lives. At one-time sex dolls were stationary but now researchers are working to create artificial intelligence sex robots for the benefit of technology. And people can fall in love with that robot! Can have sex!

These sex robots will be able to meet the needs of human beings as well as appealing to these robots. They will be able to talk like a woman, show emotion, and Sex Expression. Smart sex robots are being created considering the needs of many people who want to have sex with such robots. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Many countries, including Europe and the Middle East, have created sex villages with artificial intelligence sex dolls, where customers can meet their needs with sex robots for 80 to 100 euros an hour.


Sex Robots Taking the Place of Lovers – Human Civilization in Disaster – Robots in the Role of Sex Workers

Experts are concerned that sex robots with artificial intelligence can create the opposite idea of ​​society and human sexuality in the minds of people. Some companies are making these robots equal to women and lovers. Which is absolutely a bad idea. Those who are marketing such artificial intelligence robots should consider a lot of responsibility and ethics. At the same time, without some rules and regulations, big disasters can happen.

In addition, sex dolls are taking the place of women, these sex dolls are working as an alternative to women to meet the sexual needs of men in China. Recently, the sales of this sex doll have been increasing rapidly. Such sex dolls sold in Beijing cost around ০০ 2,500. The sex dolls are made of a type of rubber called Thermoplastic elastroma, which is softer than silicone and has female genitals that touch the limbs. Exactly like the living 6 Special limbs in soft fluffy body 6 She can satisfy her sexual needs This is the kind of ‘sex doll’ that is being sold in the Chinese market, However, this Shakespeare doll is offering some benefits that are not anti-social Sexual harassment is low or the wife is unhappy about sex at the moment.

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North Carolina DUK University professor. Christine Hendren, one of the makers of sex robots in Japan, has admitted that she is not interested in having children because of these robots. If such thoughts continue to grow, human civilization will collapse. Sex robots and sex products are now being sold openly in different countries in the world market. As a result, people’s tastes are changing. Experts believe that when such products spread in the market and people continue to fulfill their sexual needs, at some point they think of robots as human equivalents.

Kathleen Richardson, a researcher in England, said that people who want to have sex with a robot. To them, women are just objects of enjoyment equal to those robots. In that case, there is a fear that women will only be considered as sexual partners. And if such thoughts continue to grow, the society will move towards destruction.

Computer scientist Noel Sharkey has warned that. Despite warnings that sex robots will have dire consequences for society, demand for them continues to grow at an increasing rate in the market. He said this in a documentary titled ‘Sex Robots and Us’. He warns that the growing demand for sex robots will destroy society. Because, meeting the human, biological needs of human beings will become very easy. Then a woman will not be attracted to a man or a woman to a man.

Noel Sharkey, He has also given danger signals about sex robots many times in the past. But who cares! Scientists and industrialists have stepped up to give human qualities to sex robots. A report was published late last year. It has been said that in a few days, one-fourth of people will have sex with a robot to satisfy their sexual needs.

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The survey was conducted by Havas, a Paris-based media organization. It shows that between the ages of 18 and 34, 28 percent of people would choose such a relationship. Men are three times more interested in this than women. In the meantime, the first brothel with sex robots has been launched in Germany. It has been named ‘Doll-Only’.

The government has legalized the use of sex robots in brothels in Germany and Austria. One in five Germans says they will buy a smart sex robot. Such a survey was published in January. So far, about 5 companies in the world are making all such robots and releasing them in the market. Each of them is priced between 5400 to 15 thousand dollars. And all the buyers are men. After creating such a large market, manufacturers are planning to create more realistic robots. Scientists say that in the next 50 years, sex robots will behave like real human partners.

How do ‘sex robots’ work?

Not exaggerating at all. Such incidents have been seen in two Hollywood movies. Humans have fallen in love with robots in the two films ‘Her’ and ‘X Machine’. They are also involved in sex. However, this is not the first time that Greek mythology has a fairy tale. There, too, the sculptor Pygmalion of the island of Cyprus falls in love with a statue he made himself. But this time the movie is going to be true fiction and fairy tales? Will the love robot be found very soon? These questions are circulating among the people nowadays. Devit Levi, an American expert on artificial intelligence, wrote in his book, Love and Sex with Robots, that it will be possible to build a robot suitable for marriage by 2050. Based on his words, we are on the verge of a new revolution in sex and technology.

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Before that, we need to understand what is meant by ‘sex robot’. Sex robots are smart robots with which to have sex. Inside it is a kind of device through which the robot can create real sexual feelings in his partner. Shelley Ronen, a sexual relations researcher at New York University in the United States, said that many things have already been discovered that allow the robot to create sexual feelings in humans. California-based company Abyss Creations. Real dolls have been made just like humans. The sex robot can tell what it wants by looking at its user’s eyes. The robot has also been taught to give maximum pleasure to the user.

At present, the real dolls in the market weigh about 48 kg. However, they cannot balance themselves. Sex robots will be an exception. They will not only be able to stand on their own two feet, but they will also be able to move around. Be able to use their limbs as needed.

Sex Robots Taking the Place of Lovers – Human Civilization in Disaster – Robots in the Role of Sex Workers

Sex robots will share the income of sex workers!

However, human rights activists protested against it. They are worried that the sex workers will lose their income. The human rights organization Amnesty International has already launched a campaign against it called ‘The Campaign Against Sex Robots’. People go to sex workers to satisfy their sexual needs. Those who are engaged in this profession earn in exchange for sex.

There are also more obstacles. Entrepreneurs are not interested in investing in the business. Banks have expressed reluctance to lend. There are various legal complications. Moreover, there are many problems in such advertisements.

At first, the future of sex robots was considered uncertain. On the one hand, the high cost of making, on the other hand, due to the complexity of the idea that it could not come to the market. However, Abyss Creations did not give up. They have been working for the last 20 years. They are trying their best to turn Real Doll into a sex robot. In the meantime, they have created a sex robot with artificial intelligence called ‘Harmony’ in the shape of a girl.

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Harmony Doll can dance, can look appealing. This sex robot also has the ability to tell stories. He will talk about music, movies, and books. Remember your special days. Not only that, what you like to eat, the names of your family members. When you are happy, you have sex. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

The special thing is – if this sex doll is really discovered, many will not get married. Baby – don’t want to take raw. And many people do not like to make a family, in this way human civilization will disappear in the world.

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