How to increase Twitter followers for free | Get Free Twitter Followers Guideline

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Twitter is currently the most popular social media in the Middle East, including Europe. For those who want to do affiliate or CPA marketing, Twitter marketing is a very effective social media. Most of the time we do free or paid promotion but most of the time we want to do it for free. If you want, you will not get any benefit by marketing Overnight Free Method. If you want to work with free method, you need to increase followers. So how do we increase followers for free. We have discussed several issues. If you follow this, you will be able to increase your twitter followers. So, let’s go see under contents.

How to increase Twitter followers for free | Get Free Twitter Followers Guideline

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Easy 9 ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers Step by Step.

Smart Tweeting (1)

1. Make time for tweeting everyday.
2. Tweet multiple times daily
3. Optimize and schedule your tweets for the best times
4. Remember to ask questions.
5. Run twitter polls.
6. Tweet inspirational funny, interesting or even controversial stuff,
7. Tweet interesting photos, infographies and videos
8. Send tweets with the right hashtags,
9. Tell stories with tweet threads.
10. Do #ff follow friday’s
11. Comments on trending topies,
12. Don’t spam when tweeting.
13. Repost some of your tweets on another social network.

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Network with Others (2)

1. Engage with your new followers
2. Engage withe your target hashtags.
3. Use a free networking service like twiends and unfollowspy.
4. Engage when others tag, reply or retweet you.
5. Engage with influencers in your niche.
6. Tag influencers when something’s relevent to them
7. Tag people you have written about in your tweets.


1. Retweet important news and great contents.
2. Use quote retweets as much aspossible.
3. Use hashtags and mentions in your retweets.
4. Ask for retweets occasionally

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Do Events (4)

1. Join or host twitter chats.
2. Run a twitter contest.
3. Do support through twitter.
4. Host a tweetup.
5. Host a debate interview or Q& A
6. Live tweet an event or show.

Becaome an expert (5)

1. Know which hashtags your target aduience use
2. Curate and tweet great content relevant to your niche.
3. Do awebiner and take questions on twitter.
4. Post a video tutorial and ask people to share it.
5. Do a podcast
6. Speak at conferences
7. Do a radio interview
8. Write a book/ebook
9. Research and publish a report.
10. Start a friendly feud with another expert
11. Follow wall an exclusive resource for your new followers(exclusive acceass)
12. Get a content marketing person to crate a content calender for your tweets.
13. Track your twitter analytics to khow what’s working well.

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Do Outreach (6)

1. Ask your friends and family to follow you
2. Leverage other social networks like facebook, instagram, spapchat, likedin etc
3. List your self in social media directories.
4. Use a seo link-building
5. Join a local networking event
6. Ask influencers to recommend that people follow you
7. Add your email contacts to twitter
8. Email your twitter url to your contacts and ask them to connect

Branch out online (7)

1. Add your twitter handle to you email signature.
2. Adda twitter follow button to your website
3. Embed your tweets in your blog posts
4. White a guest blog and includey your twitter youser nammmed
5. Blog about your twitter account.
6. Become a forum moderation and twitter handle

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Real World stuff (8)

1. Run a print ad
2. Write a magazine article
3. Write a feature column
4. Become a book contributor
5. Add twitter to your packaging
6. Add it to your address labels
7. Add it to your checks
8. Add it to your company vehicles
9. Add Some swag
10. Offer deals in Store to Followers

Don’t Forget (9)

1. User an eye-catching profile photo
2. Pack Your twitter bio with interesting and usefull info, including hashtags
3. Ensure your Twitter Username is easy to type
4. No cursing or bad word in any part of your profile
5. Add a great cover photo to your twitter account
6. pin your most interesting tweet to the top of your timeline
7. Add a location to your twitter profile
8. Find a way to get verified (very hard)

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There are many ways to increase Twitter followers but they don’t work very often. It will even disable your Twitter account. Because those are the blackhat methods. The processes I have discussed are in complete harmony and work in accordance with Twitter trams and conditions. This will keep your Twitter account secure. Thanks

So, Apply the above strategies along with as many as the tips and tricks  from this Article as possible and your Twitter account is sure to grow. 🙂

Thanks Everybody


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