Find out what is quarantine?

Since the spread of the new coronavirus named Covid-19, the words “quarantine” and “isolation” have been widely heard. However, the meaning and practical application of these two words can create confusion or fear among many.

The Corona virus is the name of so many terrorists around the world. The sleep of the mighty nations and leaders. If the symptoms of the corona virus occur, the person will have to go to isolation. And his family might have to stay in Quarantine.

Quarantine is placed in people who seem to be healthy, but may have seizures but no symptoms. Its deadline is 7 days. During this time, he was forbidden to come out, was asked to communicate less with others. Health is adhered to.

What is Quarantine?

Quarantine: Coronary virus does not appear after entering the body. At least once a week he knows how to sit down.Therefore, when a person travels from a coronary country or comes in contact with a patient, he or she can build a nest on his body.The patient was sent to Quarantine to find out if the nest was tied up or not.

Quarantine is never organized in a hospital, considering other patients. The person who is likely to be coronary is placed at the official quarantine point.

People who appear to be seemingly healthy, but may or may not be healed, may have seizures but have no symptoms – quarantine is kept. In the case of coronavirus, a person is initially kept in a special arrangement for 14days. Quarantine for up to 14 days will cause symptoms if you have germs inside it. If quarantine does not show signs, it is said to be completely healthy. If quarantine is kept in quarantine, you should be taken to isolation.


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