Facebook CatchUp has launched a new app for calling phone numbers


Facebook CatchUp App

Facebook launched for the first time (4 February 2004; 16 years ago), before that it was just a text sharing project with friends based on campus. Mark Zuckerberg thought of sharing this project with everyone, not just himself. Later his friends withdrew. Mark Zuckerberg went on to launch the project as a social media platform. This Facebook is now the number one social media.

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This Facebook is currently coming with various rules and facilities
Many benefits including photo sharing, live chat, Facebook live, Facebook campus, Facebook shop, Facebook room, page, group are completely free. In the meantime, he announced a new app to call the phone number.

Facebook CatchUp has launched a new App for calling phone numbers

Facebook is very popular for social communication and business development. You can sell your business products very quickly through Facebook Boost. More than 160 million people use Facebook every day. Facebook authorities have launched a phone call service to run businesses on Facebook spontaneously.

Social media Facebook has launched a new Facebook APP, CatchUp, to make audio calls using the NPE team’s internal RD Group phone number.

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Even if you do not have a Facebook account, you can talk using the phone number list with this app. Users in the United States are currently able to install the app. It also has the opportunity to talk to a group of 6 people. But audio-only.

In today’s modern age there are many apps based on calling. Facebook Messenger is one of them. So what are the different features of CatchUp?

According to Facebook authorities, when CatchUp users are ‘free’ to talk, they can understand who is busy or free. It can be set from the setting options. Those who do not have Facebook can also call using the Contact List.

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The reason behind the creation of CatchUp is that the Facebook authorities have argued that, ‘Nowadays, people can say no without making a phone call. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So we have launched the app with the facility of the audio call only. ‘

Facebook claims that the elderly and people with physical disabilities can use it very easily.

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