Facebook Campus – Launched for Students

Facebook Campus

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc around the world. The whole world has come to a standstill due to this deadly virus. Due to this epidemic, every country in the world was locked down at the same time, almost all educational institutions are closed and education activities are going on online. With this in mind, Facebook authorities have announced the launch of a new section for students called “Facebook Campus“.

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Facebook Campus – Launched for Students

According to the new announcement, a student will be able to create a completely different profile using his / her college email address and undergraduate academic year. School, college, and university students. Through this, you will be able to establish communication and connection by forming community groups among yourselves.

The Facebook campus also has separate news feeds for schools, colleges, and universities, which will vary by department and faculty. Not only that, here only the students of the department or faculty can open an event on their own. Where no one else can enter. There is a real-time chat facility called ‘Campus Chat‘.

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In order to make the communication between the students easier and to exchange any kind of information about the campus and the students, the initiative has been taken to introduce the ‘Facebook Campus’ feature, the Facebook authorities said.

Introducing Facebook Campus

Today, we are dispatching Facebook Campus, a school just space intended to assist understudies with interfacing with individual schoolmates over shared interests. Facebook Campus makes it simple to discover and begin discussions inside your school network.

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This year, understudies the nation over are confronting new difficulties as some grounds move to incomplete or full-time far off learning, so it’s a higher priority than at any other time to figure out how to remain associated with school life. School is a period for making new companions, discovering individuals who share comparable interests, and finding new chances to associate – from clubs to contemplate gatherings, sports and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In the good ‘ole days, Facebook was a school just organization, and now we’re getting back to our underlying foundations with Facebook Campus to assist understudies with making and keep up these connections, regardless of whether they’re away from their school.

facebook campus

Key Features

Campus News Feed Only: The campus is a college email-verified space designed for students to receive updates from class-specific feed classmates, groups, and events. Students can form study groups, plan virtual concerts, or simply seek advice from college groups and events.

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Campus Directory: College is for finding your people, so we create a classroom directory to make it easier to find new people and meet them. Like in the early days, when Facebook was just a college network, students could find classmates by class, major, year, and more.

New way to chat: Campus chats are real-time chat rooms. Students can create chat rooms for their dormitory, club, or any other group that they include on campus. Screenshot of the campus feed.

How It Works

Facebook Campus is a dedicated section of the Facebook application designed for students, a campus profile that differs from its original Facebook profile. To create a campus profile, all students need is their college email and graduation year. Other information such as their principal, class, city, and minor. Once a campus profile is set up, students can discover unique groups and events in their school and connect with interested classmates in the same class. Only people on campus will see this when content is shared on campus.

Safety and Privacy

We built the campus to be safe, inclusive, and optional. Learn more about how privacy and security are at the core of this product and how we give people control over their campus experience.

Privacy and protection is a key part of campus and we give students control over their campus experience.

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