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The coronavirus, whose eponymous name is Covid-19, is now spreading to many countries around the world in the form of epidemics.

Every day, many people are suffering from this disease. People have many questions about its spread and how it can be prevented.The virus is contained in the fine particles of spit released from the body during coughing.

There are some questions that the BBC has – the answers to which you may also be asked.

Will recovering from CoronaVirus infection make you immune to this disease?

It is difficult to say so soon. The infection only started in early December. However, it can be said in light of previous experiences of other viruses and coronavirus infections – once infected with such viruses, antibodies are produced in the human body to prevent it. Those antibodies develop the ability to prevent similar virus infections in the future.In cases of SARS and other coronaviruses, once those who have been infected with the virus, they are not the victims again.

However, some reports from China and Japan have reported that some patients suffering from the disease have been identified again after being discharged from the hospital.But here it is important to be positive, they will not infect others.

How long is the coronavirus incubation period?

Scientists say it takes five days on average for the virus to enter the body. But in some cases the symptoms may take longer. Symptoms of coronary virus – fever, cough, shortness of breath, pain in the throat.

During the incubation period, the period in which a virus is in a human body but no symptoms are seen, the incubation period is up to 14 days for Covid-19 – according to the World Health Organization.

But some researchers say this time can be up to 24 days. This means that germs can remain in your body during this period of dormancy.

The timing of this incubation is very important. If this is known, doctors and health workers can take a more effective step in controlling the spread of the virus by considering it.

How long is the disease if you suffer from coronavirus?

For one in every five people, the infection is just like common cold-fever. It causes fever, dry cough. You will feel sick for about a week after the symptoms appear.

But if the virus is too tight in your lungs, you may have respiratory problems and pneumonia. One in seven victims may need to be hospitalized.

What is the risk of coronavirus for those with asthma?

Experts say the virus is “extremely risky” for those with severe asthma. Because those who have asthma, like the coronavirus infection, the symptoms of asthma will start.And that’s why people with asthma or such respiratory problems – doctors recommend staying indoors.

Relationships with more people are scary for people at such risk.Because you do not know who is carrying these germs on the body. Who is in the incubation period.

Should I wear a mask to protect myself and others?

Those offering medical care must be wearing masks. But experts say ordinary people will not get much profit after the mask.Public Health England, a public health consulting firm in England, says they are “not suggesting to wear a mask to prevent coronavirus infection”.

They say that outside the medical field, they have no proof or evidence that the common man will benefit greatly after the mask.

Can you get infected with a handmade food from an infected person?

If an infected person does not cook or cook in a healthy way, you may be at risk of being infected. When people cough, the subtle spits that come out with that cough, called ‘droplets’, fall into your hand and if you grab a food item with that hand, that food can infect you.

For those who are preparing food, it is very important to wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds while grabbing any food item.

How much is the risk of infection from money or coins, door handles and other hard things we catch with our hands?

If someone is infected with this virus or has a cough, the cough sticks to his hand and if he touches something with that hand, that thing can be infected.

Door handles can be especially risky. Researchers still don’t know for sure how long the coronavirus can survive on something. Some experts say the virus survives for hours outside. The idea of ​​living a few days is not right. But there are differences.

The best advice is to wash your hands thoroughly after touching something like this. Washing hands frequently is one of the most reliable tips to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Chinese government has said that all the cash deposited in all banks in the country will freeze all the notes and coins before they can be returned to the people, so as to reduce the spread of the virus. Again – banknotes, the best way to wash your hands after using the coin.

Can the virus be transmitted through correspondence from an affected country?

There is no evidence to suggest that the letter in question could be a risk factor.Some diseases, such as coronavirus, can spread to humans, sneezing, coughing from the cough, or anything in the body.

But since the germs do not live outside the body for a long time, scientists think that the correspondence from far away countries will not carry that germ by mail.

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Coronavirus: The answer to some of your potential questions – Latest News

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